Lifetime Achievement Recipients

The International Association for Healthcare Textile Management (IAHTM) has Named Steve Ripley a “2018 Lifetime Achievement” Recipient

The honor was presented at IAHTM’s annual meeting held recently in Naples, FL.

IAHTM is a nonprofit membership organization for healthcare laundry cooperatives. It provides senior-level textile managers with resources and support to maximize their laundries’ efficiencies and control costs without compromising quality or patient focus.

Each year, at IAHTM’s annual meeting, the organization recognizes an individual with its Lifetime Achievement award. The award is given to honor the recipient’s career-long contributions and accomplishments in the textile industry.

Ripley is the former president of Space Coast Hospital Services Inc., Rockledge, FL. Lumey Gamboa, COO of Bay Linen Services LLC, Clearwater, FL., nominated Steve Ripley for this award. In her nomination, Gamboa said: “Throughout the years, for Steve human contribution was the most important asset for the operation. Steve Ripley managed to maintain high levels of employee satisfaction by offering benefits beyond industry standards. He remained focused on providing growth opportunities to his team and other colleagues in the industry, serving as a mentor to them.”

IAHTM Board President Myles Noel (CEO, COMTEX) presented Steve Ripley with the Lifetime Achievement award. In doing so, he praised Ripley’s compassionate leadership style and noted its clear impact on Space Coast Hospital Services Inc. Despite the demanding production environment, Ripley’s staff always loved him, and his contributions to the industry continue to be missed.

The IAHTM award recognizes Ripley’s many accomplishments over the course of his career. It is also including his commitment to employee satisfaction and growth opportunities within his facility. Lumey Gamboa, COO of Bay Linen Services LLC, Clearwater, FL, nominated Ripley for the award, noting his dedication to human contributions as the most important asset for the operation.

Also honored at the event was Alan Schwartz, recently retired president of Superior Uniform Group, Seminole, FL.