Why Become A Member of IAHTM?

Join a network of senior experts in textile management from across North America to share and learn new and innovative ways to run successful healthcare laundry cooperatives.

As a member you will:

Revel Among Like-Minded Peers

IAHTM members share similar roles, in the same niche industry, with similar professional responsibilities, experiences, goals, and challenges. Members can take advantage of the IAHTM Peer Assessment and Evaluation Program, where member peers are matched to visit your facility and share experiences and expertise on any operational or procedural matter.

Receive Answers When You Need Them

Benefit from prompt access to relevant information through a private and secure email discussion group. Query colleagues on any issue, with just the click of a mouse!

Expand Your Sphere of Influence

As the world’s largest group of healthcare textile cooperatives, IAHTM offers members a strong voice for local and international industry representation. Say the word and you’ll be heard!

Save on Operating Costs

There’s strength in numbers! As a large network of cooperatives, IAHTM has strong purchasing power, meaning you’ll save on chemical and linen costs by purchasing well below prices offered by the largest healthcare group purchasing organizations or management companies.

Optimize Your Performance

IAHTM conducts surveys regularly to gather information and provide benchmarking for its membership. This information is always available to our membership, allowing you to draw on shared experiences and years of expertise to help optimize laundry performance.

Continue Discovering

Whether it’s through annual meetings or education conferences, IAHTM’s core mission is to always offer members opportunities for professional development. With the ability to save on costs through group purchasing, IAHTM generously subsidizes these educational and training opportunities for members and staff.

With an IAHTM membership, you’re among like-minded peers who share similar roles, responsibilities, and challenges. It’s easy to connect over the industry, to share ideas and solutions, and uncover new ways to optimize and run effective healthcare laundry cooperatives.

Peer Assessment and Evaluation

A key perk of an IAHTM membership is the opportunity to engage in the Peer Assessment and Evaluation review program. A team of IAHTM members will visit your facility to share their own challenges, experiences, and expertise on topics related to operations and procedures. The result? A host of tips and suggestions which will help optimize the laundry performance of your facility or facilities.

Continued Education

A core value of IAHTM is to consistently offer members valuable opportunities for discovery, and networking. Furthermore, we provide suggestions for continual improvement of their healthcare laundry operations. The following are a few ways IAHTM strives to support its membership through education.

Annual Member Meeting and Education Conference

IAHTM offers world-class education programs to members in senior-level management roles and their staff. The Education Conference introduces these members to leading guest speakers and innovative, relevant topics from the best in the industry. Members are welcome to invite their spouses to the Annual Meeting as they network with sponsors and thought leaders for a more intimate opportunity to get to know one another.

Spring Education Conference

For members in second- and third-tier management roles, the Spring Education Conference is an excellent opportunity to learn or refine key skills and to gather information through networking. This conference is offered via two-day, intensive workshops hosted at member facilities.

Don Pedder Lifetime Achievement

The Don Pedder Lifetime Achievement recognizes outstanding individuals in the healthcare textile industry who demonstrate consistent leadership and dedication to the profession. This Award is offered at the IAHTM Annual Conference every fall, but nominations are accepted throughout the year.

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