Founded in 1968 as the Association of Cooperative Hospital Laundries, the International Association for Healthcare Textile Management (IAHTM) was born of a desire to create an open forum where members can share mutually beneficial ideas and information. Today, more than 50 years later, our mission has grown and evolved to support, advocate for, and promote the healthcare textile industry through education and shared learning.

A non-profit, membership-based organization, IAHTM offers resources to senior-level textile managers of healthcare laundry cooperatives to help maximize efficiencies and control costs – without compromising quality or patient focus.

Strength In Numbers

As the world’s largest central healthcare laundry organization, our membership services roughly 7,000 healthcare facilities across the United States and Canada, processing more than 800 million pounds of clean linen annually.

about IATHM

IAHTM’s Core Values

about IATHM


Illustrated in our reputation as an open, honest, and respected community of healthcare textile industry professionals.

about IATHM


Instilled in a culture of information sharing and a commitment to lifelong learning among members.

about IATHM


Enforced by a shared commitment to the industry and equal treatment of all members.

Meet the Board

IAHTM President

Brendan O’Neill

COO, London Hospital Linen Service Inc. London, Ontario
First Vice President

Charles Berge

President, Shared Hospital Services Portsmouth, Virginia
Second Vice President

Chris Hansen

Chief Operating Officer, COMTEX Columbus, Ohio

Rocco Romeo

CEO, HLS Linen Services Ottawa, Ontario
Director and Past President

Meredith Bowery

Executive Vice President, Virginia Hospital Laundry Inc. Richmond, Virginia

Lumey Gamboa

CEO, Bay Linen Clearwater, Florida

Steve Johnson

Director of Operations, Tri-State Healthcare Laundry Inc. Edgewood, Kentucky

Bill Moyer

Vice President Marketing and Service, Hospital Central Services Cooperative, Inc. Allentown, Pennsylvania

Malcolm Pallos

General Manager, Cumberland Laundry Cumberland, British Columbia
Executive Director

Christy Carper

IAHTM Powell, Ohio

IAHTM Partnership

IAHTM partners receive complete access to the IAHTM membership directory. You also receive exclusive information about upcoming networking opportunities to connect directly with clients in new and exciting settings.

Partners are offered first rights on sponsorship opportunities and access to educational platforms to educate clients on company products or services. For more information, or to become an IAHTM partner, please email Christy Carper, Executive Director, at ccarper@iahtm.com.

Thank you to the following organizations for your continued partnership. We are grateful for your contribution!